Kandy Magazine - Issue 86

Publisher: Kandy Enterprises LLC
Category: Men's Magazines
Language: English
Frequency : Quarterly

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KANDY - made in America since 2011. KANDY magazine featuring everything guys love - sex and dating tips from models and Instagram's social influencers, fast cars, seasonal style, watches, sports talk, home entertainment, health & fitness ideas, cool gadgets and emerging tech, and of course photo galleries and videos beautiful women. Your Kandy experience starts with: The Girlfriend Experience - first impressions matter and with the girlfriend perspective on fashion and style we uncover your own personal attitude that best suits you The Buddy Experience - Firsthand, unbiased "test drive" knowledge from "your boy"; guidance and recommendations on vacation spots, autos, watches, bachelor cooking, fine dining, wines and spirits. Kandy Koncierge – As a Kandy subscriber you are immediately a member of an exclusive inner circle. The Koncierge brings you a network and knowledge only 1% of the population can access. Kandy Dating – The Kandy girls are here to cure reader mail dating ills and the girls of Kandy will share with you tips on how to go from being the hunter to the hunted! The Geek Experience – Yeah, we all have a little geek inside of us no matter how hard we try to portray a cool exterior. So, for your inner geek, we provide the latest must-have gadgets. The Nightlife VIP Experience - velvet ropes no longer separate you from the hottest women in the hottest clubs. And, most important, The Cool Hand Luke Experience - Kandy insiders share with you the secrets to keeping cool under pressure enabling you to exude a stealth confidence that puts you in the driver's seat no matter the circumstance.

Meet Twitch Gamer Samantha Hosk - Get to know Samantha through her Tweets. Brazilian Hottie - What is Leticia Farr reading? We peek in as she gets lost in her book and slowly loses her clothes. Kandystand - Introducing Kayler Ray of Los Angeles. Just entering her 20's, 5'7" and blonde, the small town girl from Utah has a big future in the bright lights of Hollywood. The State of Music Rock is dying. Literally. Pop lost its way and country is king. We examine the state of music across genres. Rock fans look to saviours. Country fans are living in its' golden age. Pop? What is going on over there? Why do starlets such as Taylor Swift, Katie Perry and Demi Lovato feel we need to know their politics? Just sing ladies. Sports Gamers Rejoice Madden NFL 20, FIFA 20, and NHL 20 are new and improved and we give them a look. Verdict - you are going to like what they have done this year. Hollywood's Big Names Normally, the Fall movie lineup disappoints but this year Hollywood is rolling out its' big guns. Sylvester Stallone is back in the final chapter of Rambo. Brad Pitt goes sci-fi in a space flick receiving rave reviews. And the Hollywood star whose last name we have the most difficult time spelling offers us a Netflix film worth our time.

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