Circuit Cellar - July 2018

Publisher: KCK Media Corp.
Category: Technology, Computer & Mobile
Language: English
Frequency : Monthly

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Circuit Cellar magazine features engineering tutorials, detailed microcontroller-based projects, and embedded systems industry news for professional electrical engineers, EE/ECE academics, and highly skilled electronics enthusiasts. Since 1988, Circuit Cellar has featured projects and tutorials from the world's top engineers on subjects such as embedded development (e.g., prototyping and programming), signal processing (e.g., DSP chips and signal conditioning), programmable logic (e.g., FPGA projects), sensor systems (e.g., smart sensors and MEMS), 'Net-connected devices (e.g., IoT projects and protocol stacks), robotics (e.g., robotic systems and proximity sensing), and much more. Circuit Cellar is the ultimate resource for all of your electrical engineering-related needs.

6 Op Amp Design Techniques Analog Adventures By Stuart Ball 12 MCU-Based Motor Condition Monitoring Sensors and Signals By Amit Ashara 18 Wire Wrapping Revisited For Prototypes and Projects By Wolfgang Matthes 26 MPEG-H Audio Brings New Dimensions to TV Sound By Stefan Meltzer 30 EMC Analysis During PCB Layout Catch Issues Earlier By Craig Armenti SPecial FEATURE 34 Wireless Standards and Solutions for IoT Protocol Choices Abound By Jeff Child Technology Spotlight 40 IoT Drives Extreme Low-Power Demands Enabling “Always On” By Jeff Child Product Focus 44 IoT Interface Modules Ready to Connect By Jeff Child 48 Embedded System Essentials Verifying Code Readout Protection Claims Think Like an Attacker By Colin O’Flynn 54 Above the Ground Plane BLDC Fan Current Motors and Measurements By Ed Nisley 60 The Consummate Engineer Thermoelectric Cooling (Part 1) Failure Analysis By George Novacek 64 From the Bench Electronic Speed Control (Part 1) Motor Evolution By Jeff Bachiochi TECH THE FUTURE 79 The Future of Blockchain IoT and Blockchain are Tied at the Hip By Peter Varhol

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