Circuit Cellar - October 2017 - Issue 327

Publisher: KCK Media Corp.
Category: Technology, Computer & Mobile
Language: English
Frequency : Monthly

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Circuit Cellar magazine features engineering tutorials, detailed microcontroller-based projects, and embedded systems industry news for professional electrical engineers, EE/ECE academics, and highly skilled electronics enthusiasts. Since 1988, Circuit Cellar has featured projects and tutorials from the world's top engineers on subjects such as embedded development (e.g., prototyping and programming), signal processing (e.g., DSP chips and signal conditioning), programmable logic (e.g., FPGA projects), sensor systems (e.g., smart sensors and MEMS), 'Net-connected devices (e.g., IoT projects and protocol stacks), robotics (e.g., robotic systems and proximity sensing), and much more. Circuit Cellar is the ultimate resource for all of your electrical engineering-related needs.

6 Emulating Legacy Interfaces Do it with Microcontrollers By Wolfgang Matthes 18 Building a Retro TV Remote PIC MCU-Based Design By Dev Gualtieri 24 Building a Robot Hand With Servos and Electromyography By Michael Haidar, Jason Hwang and Srikrishnaa Vadivel 30 Logger Device Tracks Amp Hours (Part 1) Measuring Home Electricity By William Wachsmann COMMUNITY 38 Commercial Drone Design Solutions Take Flight Chips, Boards and Platforms By Jeff Child 42 Design for Manufacturing: Does It Have to be so Difficult? An interview with Scott N. Miller and Thos Niles By Wisse Hettinga SPECIAL FEATURE 44 Signal Chain Tech Pushes Bandwidth Barriers ADCs, FPGAs and DACs By Jeff Child 48 Embedded in Thin Slices Build an Embedded Systems Consulting Company (Part 6) Trade-Offs of Fixed-Price Contracts By Bob Japenga 52 The Consummate Engineer In the Loop on Positive Feedback New Value in an Old Concept By George Novacek 56 The Darker Side Antenna Performance Measurement Made Easy Covering the Basics By Robert Lacoste 62 From the Bench Gas Monitoring and Sensing (Part 1) Fun with Fragrant Analysis By Jeff Bachiochi TECH THE FUTURE 79 The Future of PCB Design Racing to Keep Pace With PCB Complexities By Duane Benson

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