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Circuit Cellar Magazine - December 2020Add to Favorites

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In this issue

Issue #365
December 2020
ICs for Machine Learning
6: Device Monitors Home Air-Quality and CO2: The IntlAir Project, By Andrei Florian
16: Breathalyzer Links to Car’s Ignition System: Using an NXP LPC802 MCU, By Julia Paglia
22: True Random Number Generation: Using Comparators, By Wolfgang Matthes
31: Understanding the Ultra96 Board (Part 1): The Hardware, By Nishant Mittal
36: Build a Line Follower Robot: With Arduino and PID Control, By Alexandru Dumitrache
42: IC and Software Solutions Enable Machine Learning: FPGAs, MCUs and Software, By Jeff Child
50: App-Specific Trend Drives Test and Measurement Gear: Market Mindset, By Jeff Child
55: DATASHEET: DC-DC Converters: Technology Charging Ahead, By Jeff Child
58: EMBEDDED IN THIN SLICES: FreeRTOS (Part 1): Intro to Real Time Operating Systems, By Bob Japenga
62: FROM THE BENCH: Automated TV Antenna Positioning System: Zeroing in on HDTV, By Jeff Bachiochi
68: THE DARKER SIDE: Voltage-Level Translation Techniques: Managing Mixed-Voltages, By Robert Lacoste
75: Product News
78: Test Your EQ
79: The Future of of Chiplets: Specialized Chiplets Revive Moore’s Law, By Syed Alam

Circuit Cellar Magazine Description:

PublisherKCK Media Corp.




Circuit Cellar magazine features engineering tutorials, detailed microcontroller-based projects, and embedded systems industry news for professional electrical engineers, EE/ECE academics, and highly skilled electronics enthusiasts. Since 1988, Circuit Cellar has featured projects and tutorials from the world's top engineers on subjects such as embedded development (e.g., prototyping and programming), signal processing (e.g., DSP chips and signal conditioning), programmable logic (e.g., FPGA projects), sensor systems (e.g., smart sensors and MEMS), 'Net-connected devices (e.g., IoT projects and protocol stacks), robotics (e.g., robotic systems and proximity sensing), and much more. Circuit Cellar is the ultimate resource for all of your electrical engineering-related needs.

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