The Penchant Literary Magazine - June 2018: Mosaic

Publisher: IHS Creative Writing Club
Category: Entertainment
Language: English
Frequency : Bi-Monthly

Irvington High School’s Creative Writing Club is a student-run, interest-based club dedicated to providing a welcoming environment for writers of all kinds to convene and share their ideas outside of an academic setting. Members get a taste of publication through submitting to The Penchant, our online literary magazine. Meanwhile, monthly prompts, in-club competitions, and major writing contests are provided to allow members to explore the implications of writing, improve on their own techniques, and receive feedback from their fellow peers. Overall, our collective mission is to enable the students of Irvington to write what they wish and have their voices heard.

Sometimes things don’t make sense until you see the big picture. In Mosaic, we visit a group of unrelated works of different styles and content that perhaps have a common thread.

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