READY Publication - Spring 2019: Social Gathering

Publisher: Highly Recommended Int'l
Category: Women's Interest, Culture
Language: English
Frequency : Quarterly

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Ready is designed with the beautiful diversity of women around the world in mind. Ready is edgy... different... content-rich... positioned to create and to encourage passionate conversation about a host of topics around real life issues. Ready is challenging and courageous enough to expose hidden thoughts and to entertain closed-door conversations. Ready will help influence women to move beyond the status quo and to transcend glass ceilings. Ready is a platform for diverse female voices “sitting at the table” wrestling together through common life situations. Ultimately our hope is mobilization on a grand scale by informing and inspiring women in areas of advocacy, philanthropy, volunteerism, community building, business development, soul care, economic stewardship, race relations, and politics. Our articles are thought-provoking, and end with one to three questions to keep the conversation going with our readers.

READY is edgy, different, and content-rich. We have created a platform for women and girls to share their voices through their written work. Read articles in our spring 2019 issues such as Home Again, Momma's Table, The Welcome Mat, Get to the Root of Your Health, The New Club, Breaking the Silence, The Art of Hanging Out, Spring into Your Social Gathering, and so much more. Order today.

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