Most Muscular Magazine - March - April 2018

Publisher: Gregory James Media Group LLC.
Category: Men's Interest, Health
Language: English
Frequency : Bi-Monthly
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Most Muscular Magazine Training secrets straight from the athletes themselves on how they built their amazing physiques, not from some writer who may never have picked up a barbell or even stepped into a gym. It’s hardcore bodybuilding to the bone, and telling it like it is, not spewing on about some BS new cutting-edge science trend. We won’t clutter our articles with nonsensical egghead science lingo that makes you want to puke in the gym bucket. We’ll focus on the guys who really matter – the athletes. Showcasing the planet’s top bodybuilders and the most incredible up-and-comers, Most Muscular Magazine will give you what those other magazines don't. If you’re tired of the same-old same-old bodybuilding mags, look no further. Most Muscular Magazine, bringing old-school to bodybuilding, in a 2.0 version, NOTHING BUT RAW HERE!

In this issue, our fourth issue we have some pretty amazing athletes to feature. First off our cover athlete, IFBB Pro Brad Rowe, the man with the legs, “Quadzilla.” Rowe is one genetically gifted bodybuilder. His legs remind us of the late Paul Demayo. Also on our cover is the stunning IFBB Pro Amanda Latona. This amazing entrepreneur who has appeared on the hit show Shark Tank. See her in-depth interview and what motivates her and drives her to be so successful. Next we have Charles Dixon and how he builds his monster back. Follow his workout. Last but not least, IFBB Pro bodybuilder and Powerlifter Joel Thomas. See how he builds his huge arms and an exclusive interview on his day-to-day life. Next we have Dr. Z with his in-depth look on vitamins and if they are right for you. Brandon Curry gives an update on how he has gained his massive size and how he’s handled it for last years Olympia. This will be his last time in Most Muscular. Next is Dr. Ken, he talks about how to recognize certain injuries within bodybuilders. Saving the best for last is the Exclusive Part 2 of Dennis Wolf’s life experience with his move to Russia and Germany. See Wolf’s journey on how it turned him from the boy to the man to the superstar bodybuilder he is today.

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