Gore Noir Magazine - Issue 10

Publisher: Gore Noir Magazine
Category: Culture, Photography
Language: English
Frequency : Quarterly

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What better way to celebrate our 10th issue than to also celebrate the 25th anniversary of Hellbound: Hellraiser II? Our main man Christopher Ott's beautiful Pinhead piece graces the cover and we serve you up more of Ott's art inside! We've got Doug Bradley & Steph Sciullo, Barbie Wilde, Simon Bamford, & Nicholas Vince. You'll recognize Doug (Pinhead), Barbie (Female Cenobite), Simon (Butterball), and Nicholas (Chatterer) as the main 4 Cenobites for Hellraiser II. We catch up with them, their projects and their loved ones in this awesome issue. Steph Sciullo is an amazing sculptor and mixed media artist! Also in this issue we have Lloyd Kaufman of Troma Films fame! With films like Toxic Avenger, Kabuki Man, Surf Nazi's Must Die, Pultrygeist, and a million others under his belt we talk to Kaufman about his exploits and what goes on in Troma day to day. Need more art? We have the amazing artist Christopher Lovell, Tattoo Artist Ron Russo, Sculptor Gabe LaPeer, Puzzle boxes by Pyramid Gallery, beautiful photos by Obscuri

Gore Noir is a horror culture magazine that features artists, photographers, models, musicians, celebrities, and tattoos all with a horror theme. Gore Noir is also a photography group working together to produce the most darkest/goriest black, white and blood red photos they can.

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