Glitter Magazine - Alli Simpson #GlitterBestOfMe Issue

Publisher: Soeurs Media Group
Category: Celebrity, Lifestyle
Language: English
Frequency : Quarterly

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Celebrities take over Glitter Magazine! As part of our #Selflove Campaign© #GlitterBestOfMe© + #GlitterBestOfYou© campaigns, we have Exclusive Issues of Glitter Magazine! This is the print version of the celebrity interactive exclusive digital issues with never before seen messages to fans, childhood photos and behind the scenes of celebrities lives! It's the ultimate Glitter Fanbook! We are the first magazine to bring you the best of Celebrities and YouTube Stars each month cover to cover! Get to know these stars up close and personal with our #GlitterBestOfMe© #GlitterBestOfYou© campaign. It’s #realpeople overload on some of the most viral and talented stars and everything you wanted to know about them. Can we say keeping it real? They are talking to Glitter about everything super fans want to know in hopes of inspiring their fans and our readers, to live your dream and go for what you want. Glitter was the first to bring you #realpeople in 2006 and now in line with our #dearglitter #Selflove Campaign© we have launched #GlitterBestOfMe©! Alli's issue includes: GLAM SQUAD EYE SPY MAKEUP FAV’s MY FAVORITE NAILS GROWING UP ALLI EYE SPY ACCESSORIES STYLIST STYLE ME FASHION SUMMER FOREVER MY FAV YOUTUBERS ALLI’S RISE TO FAME BONUS VIDEOS! BEST FRIENDS ALLI’S VACATIONS A DAY IN THE LIFE STYLE INFLUENCERS 5 THINGS ALLI CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT 5 THINGS YOU DIDN’T KNOW GIRLS WHO ROCK EYECANDY STYLE: ALLI’S ROOM HOBBIES HEALTHY ROUTINE ALLI’S MUSIC TAKEOVER GADGETS BOOK REVIEW /FILMS ASK ALLI + SO MUCH MORE!

Glitter Magazine is a premiere lifestyle magazine for college bound late teens and 20- somethings, which was founded on diversity and empowerment since 2006. Each issue of Glitter Magazine features informative editorial, entertainment, fashion and beauty news, plus tons of celebrity interviews all jammed packed into every issue. Check out some of our interviews with stars like Cody Simpson, the Kardashians, Zendaya & Demi Lovato. Glitter Magazine also highlights REAL PEOPLE who are pursuing their dreams.

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