Long Exposures Magazine - Issue 3

Publisher: Focus Fine Art Photography Publishing
Category: Photography, Art
Language: English
Frequency : Quarterly

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Long Exposure Magazine is dedicated to new voices, new ideas, and to seeing the world in different and innovative ways. This project aims to explore both the textual and the visual, bringing to light their dialogues and creative possibilities. We have created a platform where this synthesis can be shared, and will welcome submissions from writers, visual artists and photographers at any stage of their development, publishing poetry, photography, illustration and more, both in their own right and in collaboration. See our full submissions guidelines for further details. For the latest updates on our progress and new publications, follow us on Twitter: @longexposuremag or on Facebook: Long Exposure Magazine.

”I am fascinated by desolate, barren, open landscapes, such as an isolated coast where the light changes constantly and the weather can quickly shift from a soft breeze to a dramatic storm. I prefer to work in the borderland of light and dark, at dawn or at dusk when the day turns into night....

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