FDN LIFE - Freelance Digital Nomad Life - July - August 2019

Publisher: FDN Life
Category: Lifestyle, Business
Language: English
Frequency : Bi-Monthly

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A lifestyle magazine by and for freelancers, digital nomads, remotes, startups, side hustlers and location independent businesses and entrepreneurs from around the world. ABOUT FDN LIFE MAGAZINE Freelance Digital Nomad Life Magazine (FDN Life Magazine) is the world’s first and currently only lifestyle magazine for and by freelancers, digital nomads, remotes, startups, side hustlers, and location independent business owners and entrepreneurs. We offer targeted, trusted and useful advice written by fellow FDN’s. FDN Life Magazine focuses on the FDN Lifestyle, work-travel, location independence, entrepreneurship, running a successful business, food, health and wellness, sex, love and relationships, inspirational tips from fellow FDN's, finance, leadership, art, hobbies and craft, and learning new skills - to name but a few.

Our second issue is packed with inspirational articles for creating a better version of yourself, as well as creating wealth that goes beyond the day-to-day. After connecting with so many FDNs, we realized one thing: a large majority of FDNs are merely surviving, living from day to day and earning bottom-line incomes, and not thriving. From our own experience we know the hustle is tough, and to earn our set target month after month is a full-time job. Therefore, in this issue, we focused on gathering advice from an experienced and inspirational mentor whom FDNs can look up to. Our selected FDN Life Mentor of the Year, the late Jim Rohn, was one of the most admired wealth coaches, even unto today, from whom you can learn how to build a better financial income for yourself through our seminar series. We also upped our game by launching a first in the world of magazines by introducing what we termed “Action Articles.” Action Articles are articles that not only convey valuable information, but that can be used to learn a new skill or gain knowledge. FDNs can now prctically apply what they learn from an Action Article by downloading a complementary Action Kit containing free worksheets from the FDN Life website. This issue might challenge and push most FDNs out of their comfort zone, but as we all know, change only happens when we change. We’re reaching out to fellow FDNs from around the world who, like us, want to live a life of prosperity. Not only financially, but emotionally, spiritually and physically. Together, we can learn from one another and inspirational world-class mentors who have already achieved what we are yearning for. We can help one another reach our goals, dreams, and aspirations. So, let’s stand together! Our futures are bright if we have the courage to take action and make things happen. Here’s to creating the best version of you this July and August. Happy reading!

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