What Happened, This Time - September Special One time issue

Publisher: Epowermidwest/for Community Garden Magazine
Category: Politics, News
Language: English
Frequency : One Time
Single issue $ 4.99 -

You may have Wondered......again, and, again.....why, not another time to find out What Happened, This Time, who Won! this past Presidential Election. There may be more reasons why HRC could have Won. Find out. This is a GREAT read, a Novelty item for a Super Gift. The Right side may like it better to Enjoy! as it is another News listing of What Happened, This Time.

Find out the 'WHY' the 2016 Presidential Election went the way it did........"What Happened, This Time". "What?" Here is one view. This is a Humor, Novelty, Gift Publication for folks.

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