Elan Vital Magazine - April 2018 - Girl Next Door Amber Cover

Publisher: Elan Vital Media
Category: Men's Magazines
Language: English
Frequency : Monthly

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Elan Vital Magazine is an outlet for artists to tell their stories visually so that the reader can be inspired by the artwork displayed. We donate 50% of all of our earned revenue to a different charity every volume, for Volume 1, it is Roman's Warrior Foundation. Elan Vital was founded by veterans that are deeply involved in the photographic community. There is a need to get artists' talent out into the world and for them to be valued more than just one or two photos for a feature, and this is our means of doing so. Every issue we sell means that more money is raised for charity, a veteran-owned business is being supported, and each person that gets our magazine will see dreams come to life within our pages and hopefully find some inspiration. Each magazine is featured with AT LEAST 8 different features from artists from around the world. Our regular issues have no specific theme and range from fetish modeling to conceptual art to glamour. We strive to select the best of the best out of every month's submissions we receive. We hope you enjoy the features between the pages! If you'd like to know more about the magazine, what we're doing, and see other amazing art in between our monthly and special issues, please be sure to visit our website!

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