CODE Magazine - May - June 2019

Publisher: EPS Software Corp
Category: Computer & Mobile, Technology
Language: English
Frequency : Bi-Monthly

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CODE Magazine is the leading independent magazine for software developers. We specialize in delivering in-depth article by authors who have real-world software development experience. Regular topics include: *.NET Development *HTML5, CSS and JavaScript Development *ASP.NET Development; MVC and WebForms *XAML Development: WPF, WinRT (Windows 8.x), etc. **CODEFramework *Mobile Development: iOS, Android & Windows Phone *Cloud Development *Database Development *Architecture **CODE Framework is free and open-source available from CODEPlex. Our framework boasts a large list of components that assist developers with common aspects of application development including simplified SOA, WPF, data access and much more.

Machine Learning and BI: Machine Learning, SQL Server R, Python - Sci-Kit

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