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Dynamite Hemorrhage - All Issues

Dynamite Hemorrhage focuses on sub-underground rock and roll music from the last five decades: punks, indie pop, freaks, garage stompers and more. It's a classic "fanzine" for an era that doesn't remember them. Our debut issue has a lengthy Q&A with Chris D. of The Flesh Eaters, focusing on LA punk rock from 1977-80, including Chris' time leading the band; writing and working at SLASH magazine; running Upsetter Records and more. There's a retrospective on all-female 90s Scottish garage band Sally Skull; interviews with contemporary noisemakers Sex Tide and Household; a Q&A with early 80s UK DIY artpunk band Bona Dish; a piece on fanzines; 60+ record reviews; 15 pages of book reviews and more. Learn more about Dynamite Hemorrhage at www.dynamitehemorrhage.com.