Hot Girls Magazine - July 2018

Publisher: Cross Game Publishing
Category: Men's Magazines
Language: English
Frequency : Monthly

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Hot Girls, the world's leading men's magazine, offers readers a cutting edge and humorous dose of what they want most in life: beautiful women, cars, gadgets, sports, entertainment, and the know-how to get ahead in the world. Quite simply, it's the modern man's guide to living the good life.

Nina Agdal It’s a Crazy World Nina Agdal for some fashion brand reminding us that models and their affiliates are highly marketable creatures, cuz they can’t be human, sent to us from the depths of hell, to shameless sell us products that both pay them a lot of money and inflates their already inflated egos, because ultimately they are being celebrated for zero value, accomplisments, the main one had a sex tape and the rest of them rode that shit to the top of the fucking money pile….because they saw social media was a place to sell to idiots…and they’ve been at it for at least a decade now. Pretty fucking crazy, but the value system in America is make as much money as you can, which is why people like this exist and keep busy making more money they don’t really need, but might as well take, cuz they can.

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