Gorgeous Magazine - March 2018

Publisher: Cross Game Publishing
Category: Men's Magazines
Language: English
Frequency : Monthly

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With Gorgeous magazine, you’ll get the latest fashion and beauty tips to help you create your own unique look. Each issue is packed with celebrity style secrets, hot fashion trends, best beauty buys, hair, makeup, accessories and more.

Monika Pietrasinska Lingerie Pictures Will Blow Your Mind I know it sounds pretty easy to just sit around and post pictures of hotties in lingerie all day, but I’m telling you guys, this job is a lot harder than it looks. I mean, take this photoshoot from Polish model Monika Pietrasinska, for instance. Sure, it’s obvious that these pictures are hot enough to cause widespread spontaneous pants combustion, but it still took me a good 45 minutes just to get them up on the site. Granted, 44 of those minutes were spent drooling over them while trying to remember just what the hell it was I was supposed to be doing, but still…

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