From Russia With Love Magazine - March 2019

Publisher: Cross Game Publishing
Category: Men's Magazines
Language: English
Frequency : Monthly

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From Russia With Love, the #1 men’s magazine, gives young men a little spice tossed into the usual mix of news and entertainment reporting, sizzling layouts of beautiful women from around the globe.

Elsa Hosk Is Everyone’s Favorite Elsa Hosk is everyone’s favorite 30 year old Victoria’s Secret model who only got the job at 28…which is retirement age for most models…but thanks to her Swedish looks, her professional basketball playing body, her discipline and her willingness to get naked because at 28 years old what the fuck hav you got to lose, it’s only downhill from there…and in doing that she’s managed to get rich and famous…all being a promo model for a lingerie brand that isn’t even a lingerie brand…it’s just some bootleg underwear company that sells at malls to the most basic american woman trying to be hot because it is all she knows…you know simple minded on Thanksgiving….drunk on diabetes….in her white trash American home that relies on immigrants like this to sell them product they don’t need…that they really don’t need…because they shouldn’t be seen in underwear…just snowsuits…fatties.

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