Minx - Issue 03

Publisher: Copious Amounts Press
Category: Fiction
Language: English
Frequency : Monthly

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The Dreamtime War continues!  As Minx attempts to save her brother from the clutches of her newfound love, she confronts her true enemy for the first time... and it's none other than Ares, the God of War.  If that's not bad enough, Minx doesn't yet realize that her mentor and ally, The Empress, may betray her... but Minx has a date with destiny, and nothing can stop her fate, whether in the "real" world or in Dreamtime.

A GRAPHIC NOVEL SERIES BY ANDREA GRANT-They say, "If you die in your dreams, you die in real life..." For half-Native American Minx, this is not superstition - it is reality. Once a struggling young artist in New York City, Minx's life is changed forever after suffering a vicious attack and slipping into a coma. But she doesn't wake in the same world she left; rather, she finds herself in Dreamtime, the alternate reality that humans inhabit when they sleep. With this transition comes great revelation and profound responsibility as Minx evolves into a sophisticated warrior, charged with protecting people from a complex agenda that seeks to transform nightmares into realities and realities into nightmares. But Minx's role as vigilante is not born from random coincidence: it is the result of elaborate conspiracy, ancient prophecy, and devastating betrayal...

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