Bon Appétit - July 2017

Publisher: Condé Nast
Category: Cooking, Lifestyle
Language: English
Frequency : Monthly
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COOK LIKE A PRO: SUMMER EDITION - We asked 13 chefs for their tricks and techniques for the kind of food we want to make when it’s 90 degrees outside. From grilled squid to a fruit salad you can eat for dinner, here’s how to stay cool. THE GREAT BRITISH DAY OFF - Christine Muhlke gets lost in England’s Cornwall in search of wild blackberries, fresh-caught crabs, and scones with local clotted cream. (Worth it…) .. IN THE RAW - Crudo seems like such a restaurant thing. But with fresh fish and a sharp blade, you can impress guests in your own home. DESERT DAYS - Picture this: the golden sun dipping behind Joshua Tree’s rock formations, a wooden deck in the desert beside a shimmering pool, and plates filled with charred carrots and chile-rubbed chicken. That’s what it’s like when Jay and Alison Carroll host all day.

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