Central Florida Health News - December 2016

Publisher: Central Florida Media Group LLC
Category: Health, Lifestyle
Language: English
Frequency : Monthly

In this issue: ASK A COUNSELOR WHO KNOWS: COPING WITH GRIEF DURING THE HOLIDAYS– CHECKLIST The holiday season— it’s a time most of us look forward to. But no matter what the occasion, celebrating or even acknowledging a special date can be difficult for those in mourning. This checklist, authored by a local counselor, is here for those who are coping with the loss of a loved one, POP QUIZ: WHAT’S YOUR VITAMIN D IQ? Do you know the signs of a Vitamin D deficiency or the factors that increase your risk for being Vitamin D deficient? Test your knowledge of Vitamin D, how it benefits your health, how to get enough of it, and the warning signs of a deficiency, by taking our quiz, MENTAL HEALTH MOMENT, HEALTHCARE BUZZ and much more...

Central Florida Health News magazine is a consumer publication for health-conscious adults. The full-color, gloss publication is dedicated to providing readers with accessible, up-to-date information on health-related topics. This monthly consumer magazine bridges the divide between health-related topics and the local populace. Families are looking for the best ways to lead healthy, happier lives. Central Florida Health News magazine provides the answers the consumer audience is looking for. Our print and online content provides a creative mix of nutrition, fitness, local focus, and medical advice that can strengthen your business relationship with the vital consumer audience. Families, patients, customers, and the all important “interested audience” find the answers they’re looking for. This consumer focused publication enjoys an audience in excess of 35,000 readers each month, and is distributed to more than 1000 area medical facilities, pharmacies, gyms, health food stores, sporting goods stores, restaurants, Walgreens, our office, along with other retail establishments that cater to health-conscious adults, and associated medical businesses. Central Florida Health News is also direct mailed to the area’s 3,500+ physician, advanced degree medical providers, and administrators.

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