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Corporate culture matters. After the job title, duties and salary, it's typically the thing that a job applicant cares about most. A corporate culture, in effect, is the sum of all the mixed-up, confounding, admirable yet off-putting, noble yet self-serving, bitter and sweet things that people do, say, think, and feel in every company every day. These articles are a compilation of essential corporate culture articles from the pages of strategy+business, the management magazine with the best track record for publishing incisive, pragmatic, and demanding articles on culture and change

Experience the ideas and stories that raise the game for management, written and expounded clearly enough to provide the basis for thoughtful action. Through in-depth feature stories, thought leader interviews, and strategic commentaries, each issue of strategy+business provides an informed global perspective on ideas and practices relevant to decision makers in businesses and organizations around the world. strategy+business is published by PwC Strategy& LLC.

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