Bonsai Focus EN Magazine - September - October 2019Add to Favorites

Bonsai Focus EN Magazine - September - October 2019Add to Favorites

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In this issue

6 News
Report, agenda and news
8 Gallery
A selection of the 2018 Aki-ten held in Brixen, Italy
14 Workshop
Bruno Wijman works on a hinoki cypress
20 Maintenance
In autumn you can improve the branch setting of your maple
24 Gallery
A selection of bonsai from the Saulieu show
26 Bonsai basics
Giacomo Pappalardo explains variations in the pine cascade style
30 Grow from cuttings
Cherry bonsai: The challenge is to grow it right from the start
35 Tony's column
The Internet is not always good for bonsai.
36 Gallery
A selection of bonsai from the Saulieu show
38 Masterclass
Salvatore Liporace reworks one of his finest bonsai
46 Profile
Cindy Verstraeten exhibits her bonsai at the Kokufu-ten
48 Technique
Learn the basic technique of candle cutting
from Master Nobuichi Urushibata
56 Gallery
A selection of bonsai from the Saulieu show
58 Shohin
What works best: sphagnum or a tourniquet?
64 Native bonsai
The birch has many virtues, but it's tough to work on
69 Styling
Manuel Germade shows us how he solves the
puzzle that is his juniper
77 Pots
Marjan Mirt can be very proud when he sees examples of his pots all over the globe

Bonsai Focus EN Magazine Description:

PublisherBonsai Europe




Delve into the exquisite world of miniature trees and the ancient art of bonsai with Bonsai Focus EN Magazine. We're pleased to introduce you to this publication, your ultimate source for all things bonsai.

Bonsai Focus EN Magazine, published by Bonsai Europe, is not just a magazine; it's your gateway to the world of bonsai. With a deep commitment to celebrating the art of cultivating and shaping these miniature trees, this magazine is your go-to source for everything related to bonsai care, techniques, and the aesthetic allure of these living works of art.

As you explore the pages of Bonsai Focus EN Magazine, you'll find a world of content that celebrates the art of bonsai:

* Bonsai Care: Discover in-depth care guides and techniques to nurture your bonsai and maintain its health.
* Shaping and Styling: Learn about the art of shaping and styling bonsai trees to achieve the desired aesthetic.
* Species Spotlight: Explore the diverse world of bonsai tree species and the unique characteristics of each.
* Bonsai Creations: Be captivated by the stunning bonsai creations of skilled artists and enthusiasts.
* Community and Events: Connect with a community of bonsai enthusiasts and stay informed about bonsai-related events and exhibitions.

Bonsai Focus EN Magazine is your essential resource for celebrating the art of bonsai, mastering bonsai care, and connecting with a community that shares your passion for these living masterpieces. Subscribe now and become part of a community that values the delicate art of nurturing and shaping these miniature trees.

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