BASIC Magazine - BASIC ZARA LARSSON Cover | Spectacle Issue

Publisher: Basic Media Company LLC
Category: Fashion, Photography
Language: English
Frequency : Quarterly

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BASIC Magazine is a print fashion publication that is independently published 4 times a year in Beverly Hills, distributing throughout fashion capitals all over the world. Founded by an award winning fashion photographer and filmmaker Viktorija Pashuta, BASIC blends the borders between fashion, art, film, photography, entertainment and edgy journalism. If you take the beauty of Sophie Lauren and mix it up with the sense of humor of Albert Einstein, add a dozen of pink ninjas and a pinch of Andy Warhol, stirring in some Salvador Dali art goodness and pouring in a good amount of Georgio Armani, garnishing it with delicious social media influencers – you will get BASIC. It is a new powerful platform that highlights the most creative and inspiring projects in fashion, photography and art. Our magazine prides itself in creating 95% of original content in-house, collaborating with the world’s best fashion designers, stylists, makeup artists, hair stylists, writers and artists, making every issue a collectible piece of art.

PUBLISHER: ©BASIC Media Company LLC COVER: ZARA LARSSON || BASIC SPECTACLE SIZE: 160 Pages of Fashion, Art & Photography Goodness. The S P E C T A C L E Issue. ANNIVERSARY ISSUE featuring 4 Covers!!! #BasicCoverStory starring Steve Aoki, Isla Fisher by Viktorija Pshuta, Zara Larsson by Dennis Leupold and One Night One Drop Imagined by Cirque Du Soleil #BasicFashion Photography & Editorial Spreads: The Scarlet Diaries by Domenico Donadio, Bocca De Rosa by Gian Andrea Di Stefano, Facade by Ben Fourmi, Angle of Attack by Emmalynn, #BasicMusic Exclusive with Steve Aoki by Viktorija Pashuta, Zara Larsson by Dennis Leupold and Jhené Aiko by Andrew Macpherson #BasicBeauty Eye Like You Basic Eyelashes #BasicLookBook Viktor&Rolf; and Ying Yang #BasicAccessories Black Dahlia, Moral Sin By Ludovic Belmonte, Grey Matter, Sweet And Sour #BasicCharacters interview features: Mena Suvari by Bekor & Blaine, Jhené Aiko by Andrew Macpherson #BasicMen Basic Beau by Blake Ballard #BasicArt Vakeen, Julie Filipenko: Little Mischief Basic Artist, Zelda Bomba #BasicFashionIllustrations Spirit Animal Collections by Lidia Luna, The Art of Couture: David Downton by Rocio Frausto #BasicProject The Normals by Pol Kurucz Basic Project *** Based in Beverly Hills, California BASIC Magazine™ is a first class visual and editorial publication that features carefully curated content with a strong independent voice, named ‘very clever and progressive fashion magazine’. Published quarterly, its pages are inspired by a blend of heroic artists, visual masterpieces and themes of strength that set the tone for each stylistic issue. It is a contemporary, elegant and inviting world that men and women can both relate to and aspire to be.

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