Boutique & Small Hotels Book - Turkey- All Issues

Boutique and Small Hotels Guide Tailor made, small, boutique, authentic, historical hotels and charming pensions with their hosts Boutique, authentic, historical small hotels and pensions offer an accelerating alternative accommodation possibility to answer the requests coming from people who love to travel and expect tailor made service with the investments of the hosts that put their hearts into their business. They add value to the concept of vacation beyond all standards differing from one another with their locations, guests and tailor made perceptions of service with the touch of the “host/hostess”. They exhibit great effort to cherish the “unforgettable” for their guests in their hotels with the help of various aspects such as use of architectural designs that are simple or elegant, historical or modern, overlooking a magnificent sea view, right by the sea, either in nature or at the city center, maybe somewhere that you need to dig for or maybe someplace you can easily have access to. As we are humbly presenting this special selection of 210 hotels to the approval of our esteemed readers that we have picked up among the boutique, authentic, historical hotels at our website,, in the book “Boutique and Small Hotels – Tailor made, small, boutique, authentic, historical hotels and hosts” specifically prepared for 2013, we would like to wish you trips that are “special to you”, which you will never forget. With fond wishes, adına - In the name of, İzim Bozada & Yener Atakan