Young Researchers - August - September 2019

Publisher: Araştırmacı Çocuk Merkezi
Category: Children, Education
Language: English
Frequency : Bi-Monthly

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Young Researchers is a children's magazine that aims to foster the scientific, critical and creative thinking skills of 8-12 year old children. Each issue contains catchy information on a different theme along with stories, puzzles, brain-teasers and games. You can be sure that the lay out of the journal including skillfully produced drawings will attract all readers' interest.

Hello Young Researchers, Have you ever thought about how many colors exist in nature? Red, orange, green, yellow, blue, purple,pink... How about we discover more colors? We talked about colors in this issue. "Where does color come from? Can we recognize all colors? Can animals see in color? What is the most popular color? What if there were no colors? Can we make a color by using different materials?" We obtained a lot of information about colors in different fields like art and science. You can find it in this issue. While making the magazine, we played with colors, so to speak. Now get your colored pencils and join the fun. You can not only read about colors but also color the pages you want and look around with the filter which came with your magazine. Let's see who is more colorful.

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