Young Researchers - October - November 2019

Publisher: Araştırmacı Çocuk Merkezi
Category: Children, Education
Language: English
Frequency : Bi-Monthly

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Young Researchers is a children's magazine that aims to foster the scientific, critical and creative thinking skills of 8-12 year old children. Each issue contains catchy information on a different theme along with stories, puzzles, brain-teasers and games. You can be sure that the lay out of the journal including skillfully produced drawings will attract all readers' interest.

Dear Young Researchers, Do you enjoy watching the sky? We enjoy it a lot. We came up with the topic of this issue while we were watching the clouds in the sky. We wondered about clouds. "How do they stay in the sky?" we asked. Then we dreamt about the things beyond the clouds. We thought of planets and stars. We learnt how stars are formed. Their colors impressed us. Then the journey back to Earth started. We passed through the atmosphere. We encountered several gases. When we reached Earth, we walked through cotton fields. We traveled to deserts. Clouds of dust rose behind us. In this issue, you can find the details of the places we went to and the things we discovered during our journey. Now it's your turn to make a journey to the clouds of gas and dust. Let's discover together!

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