The Guide Istanbul - January/February 2019

Publisher: Apa Uniprint Basım San. ve Tic. AŞ
Category: Lifestyle, Travel
Language: English
Frequency : Bi-Monthly

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The Guide Istanbul, founded in November 1991 and published bimonthly by Apa Uniprint, is an essential guide to the city, offering candid recommendations and expert advice on restaurants and cafés, nightlife, the arts and entertainment scene, as well as design, fashion, touristic sites, and undiscovered places. We are a publication based on the principles of unwavering honesty and an insistence upon quality. Our goal is to simplify choices and make life easier for travelers as well as locals by providing information on select venues and events. All of our writers are locally based and offer insider advice on what to see and do in the city. The official website of The Guide Istanbul magazine, is a sharp, sophisticated, and trustworthy filter for the city’s happenings, and offers comprehensive listings of restaurants, bars, hotels, and more. The locally sourced information is written and edited by experienced writers who are in the know and dedicated to offering their wisdom impartially. We value quality over quantity and we are selective when it comes to our recommendations: we scour all the corners of Istanbul with a critical eye and recommend only what we rate positively amongst ourselves. The first of its kind, aims to enrich your Istanbul experience and share its wealth of information to bring you the true essence of Istanbul and those gems that might otherwise get overlooked.

You might have noticed a few changes in the way The Guide Istanbul looks. They are not so obvious from first sight, since we wanted our new look to be a breath of fresh air rather than a drastic change—a description that every Istanbul hair stylist must have heard at least once around this time of the year. Think of it as your usual trim, just a few centimeters off the ends. This visual change aligns with our goals for 2019. We want our readers to stay entertained and surprised, but at the same time to welcome every new issue with a feeling of comforting familiarity. Rest assured that our approach to content remains unchanged; we still try, test, and experience in person all the things we recommend to you, and if there’s something you haven’t seen in our pages, the chances are it simply turned out to be disappointing. If you’re still behind on your New Year’s resolutions, why not make exploring the city a part of your goals? Although exploring can be tiring and frustrating at times (especially between 6–7pm on weekdays), it is also surprisingly stimulating from the moment you leave the house. Keep your eyes open, keep looking around. We’ll be with you every step of the way throughout 2019. Have an inspiring year!

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