little - May-July 2019

Publisher: littur
Category: Parenting, Entertainment
Language: English
Frequency : Quarterly

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little is a family lifestyle magazine for parents with a simple objective—to enhance the quality of family life in the 21st century. Focusing on specific themes to present the latest brands and topics in a fresh and engaging manner, little gives its audience an unforgettable reading experience. Every little issue delivers a dynamic mix of articles on all aspects of child growth. The five main topics covered are education, health, development, nutrition and finance—all with input from professional experts. Education-related articles are further categorised into languages, sports and the Arts. At little, the best of Singapore’s culture, design, fashion, film, travel, entertainment, food and drink are specially curated, catering to the modern family. little pampers parents with captivating images, beautiful illustrations and interesting story angles—all with a touch of jollity.

Every year, we carve out a day dedicated to show our mothers our appreciation and gratitude. In the following pages, we speak to five incredible women about the ways life changes after becoming a parent. Also enter the boundaries of reality with artist Lee Jee Young, as she creates highly elaborate imaginary landscapes and photographs herself within them. Join National badminton athlete Loh Kean Yew when he opens up about family, personal development, and his path to success.

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