AAA+ ThinkMaverick - Anthony Robbins: The Only 12 Biggest Life-Changing Ideas from Tony Robbins that Struggling Entrepreneurs Need!

Publisher: Think Maverick Pte. Ltd.
Category: Business, Education
Language: English
Frequency : Monthly

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This issue is a short extract of quotes and important snippets from the book. Anthony Robbins - The ONLY 12 BIGGEST life changing ideas from Tony Robbins that struggling entrepreneurs need

Are you looking to start a company or a business but can't seem to find a strong enough reason to pursue your dreams of becoming an Entrepreneur? If you have no energy, feel lazy and think that you are destined to fail in all your start-up endeavors, think again! Is it because you're stuck in your 9-5 job? Struggling with little or no cash to start-up a franchise or a small business? Have no experience and afraid of defying your Parents wishes and social pressure? Well, here's how you get your shot at doing this: ★Learn from the Greatest Minds on EARTH! ★Learn How The Super Rich Earned Their Money! ★Learn to give your Life & Business the "Maverick" Factor! In the "Think Maverick Magazine" you'll not only learn about the 7 key leading principles billionaire/millionaire entrepreneurs know about kick-starting a business, but you'll also learn; 1.) The "holy Grail" of gaining an infinite amount of entrepreneurial energy. 2.) You will get to listen to the confessions of a secret millionaire. 3.) Entrepreneurial success secrets without the B.S! 4.) How to break through the next Goal Barrier! 5.) Uncover the Midas Touch of a Maverick Entrepreneur 6.) How to bring your lofty ideas to Life! 7.) Transform yourself into a Maven, be the go to guy when it comes to your industry! Not only that, this helps you bring your million dollar idea into realization. You'll discover, maintain and grow any idea you have into your entrepreneur's dream. * Packed with no nonsense, no B.S. no fluff, this is your guide when it comes to starting your own company and becoming the next Successful Entrepreneur! Sometimes all it takes is just an idea to change your life & business for good, go ahead and download Now!

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