ZBBZ 《早报报志》 - June 2017

Publisher: SPH Magazines Pte Ltd
Category: Lifestyle, News
Language: English, Chinese - Simplified
Frequency : Monthly

ZBBZ is the latest addition to the Zaobao family of publications. ZBBZ stands for Zaobao Bao Zhi 《早报报志》, where “Bao Zhi" is a portmanteau of the Chinese words for "newspaper" and "magazine". The publication combines the intelligence of newspaper journalism with the sophistication of magazine design. Launched in 2009, ZBBZ is a high-end bilingual (English & Chinese) luxury magazine for the affluent and high-achieving reader who appreciates intelligent journalism and the finer things in life. To advertisers, ZBBZ is an excellent publication for anyone aiming at a readership of high net worth individuals. Readers can choose to read a story in Chinese or English or both. The “news-gazine" endeavours to offer readers an engaging reading experience in whichever language he or she chooses, but one does not replicate the other in content. ZBBZ aims to inspire readers to embrace new horizons, to make things happen, and to celebrate new ways of looking at life, through the eyes of those walking a few steps ahead. ZBBZ is spearheaded by Managing Editor Dr Ng King Kang, who is also a senior correspondent with Lianhe Zaobao.

Design Aces Richard Mille has worked with renowned sports personalities such as Rafael Nadal and Bubba Watson to create timepieces that challenge the impossible Good Times Ahead The luxury watch market is looking up and major brands are rolling out timepieces to mark horological milestones   Mark Of Success   Once the black sheep of the family, Mark Poh is today a respected businessman, generous friend and filial son Star Appeal Michelin-starred chef Luca Fantin, regarded by some as the world’s best Italian chef, has opened a new restaurant at the Bulgari Resort Bali Lodge Of The Rings With world-class dining, spectacular scenery and authentic Kiwi hospitality, travelling through New Zealand via its acclaimed luxury lodges is the best way to capture the essence of this remarkable land 最佳盟友 理查德米勒再度搭档网球名将纳达尔,推出一款近乎完美的陀飞轮腕表—— RM 27-03 Tourbillon Rafael Nadal。 锦绣时光 过去一年半,钟表业一直没能摆脱下滑趋势,但越来越多迹象显示,奢华市场正在复苏。守得云开见月明,我们期待阴霾天气后的锦绣时光尽快回流,再享一次风和日丽。 逃学威龙 南隆私人有限公司董事经理傅成桂小时经常逃学,自认是家中最不听话的孩子,却侍母至孝,对朋友也一片赤诚。他从父亲手上继承家业,从低做起,最终做出 一番成绩。 峇厘岛星光 意大利名厨卢卡凡廷的米其林一星餐馆,从日本东京开到峇厘岛上的宝格丽度假村​。他坚持采用优质食材,创新料理洋溢着峇厘岛的热带色彩和风情。 让旅行睡出灵魂 汇聚世界级餐饮,荡气回肠的美景,以及原汁原味的待客之道;在同一段旅程体验多家新西兰奢华酒店,是享受新西兰高端旅游的最佳方式。

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