ZBBZ 《早报报志》 - November 2017

Publisher: SPH Magazines Pte Ltd
Category: Lifestyle, News
Language: English, Chinese - Simplified
Frequency : Monthly

ZBBZ is the latest addition to the Zaobao family of publications. ZBBZ stands for Zaobao Bao Zhi 《早报报志》, where “Bao Zhi" is a portmanteau of the Chinese words for "newspaper" and "magazine". The publication combines the intelligence of newspaper journalism with the sophistication of magazine design. Launched in 2009, ZBBZ is a high-end bilingual (English & Chinese) luxury magazine for the affluent and high-achieving reader who appreciates intelligent journalism and the finer things in life. To advertisers, ZBBZ is an excellent publication for anyone aiming at a readership of high net worth individuals. Readers can choose to read a story in Chinese or English or both. The “news-gazine" endeavours to offer readers an engaging reading experience in whichever language he or she chooses, but one does not replicate the other in content. ZBBZ aims to inspire readers to embrace new horizons, to make things happen, and to celebrate new ways of looking at life, through the eyes of those walking a few steps ahead. ZBBZ is spearheaded by Managing Editor Dr Ng King Kang, who is also a senior correspondent with Lianhe Zaobao.

A Caring Society Behind the glitz and glamour of charity galas are the people who put in time and effort to organise them Ambassador Of French Culture Arthur de Villepin, the son of former French Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin, has stepped out of his father’s shadow to make a name for himself in Hong Kong with lifestyle group Art de Vivre Food Therapy Once an aspiring doctor, chef Ricardo Chaneton of Island Shangri-La Hong Kong’s Restaurant Petrus now serves dishes that not only please the palate but also heal the soul In Search Of A View And A Meal On a recent self-drive holiday through Europe, I delighted in a carefree journey that led me to stumble upon acclaimed restaurants and stunning scenery 社会关怀 ​在衣香鬓影的慈善晚宴背后,都有一双有力的推手。他们有不同的目标和要帮助的对象, 但当中收获的满足和快乐,却是同样的甜美。 法国文化代言人 走出法国前总理之子的影子,潘雅德在香港设立Art de Vivre集团,向世界推广法国文化、生活和艺术。 食物也疗愈 不当医生当厨师,香港港岛香格里拉酒店珀翠餐馆主厨利卡多查尔顿,通过食物送上特别的用餐体验,不仅满足味蕾,还有疗愈心灵的作用。 寻景觅食 有时候,旅行不过是为了寻找一处风景,一种心情。这种真正让身心放空的假期,往往以山水为主,美食为先。

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