SilverKris magazine - October 2017

Publisher: Singapore Airlines
Category: Lifestyle, Travel
Language: English
Frequency : Monthly

The SilverKris app offers an engaging experience that complements the print and online editions of Singapore Airlines' award-winning travel magazine, SilverKris. Enjoy digital-exclusive features such as video and photo galleries, bringing the fascinating world of travel to life and find out more about travel destinations with our interactive articles. Access SilverKris magazine via the app anytime, anywhere and be inspired to plan your next vacation. 《SilverKris》旅行杂志的中文增刊,将刊登在杂志里的中文旅游特稿依照特定主题分类,以季刊形式推出,让读者在阅读城市风貌的过程中获取实用的旅游资讯,也为下一趟旅程提供灵感。

The October issue of SilverKris looks at design and how it draws a thread through life – whether it's through Indonesia's Intangible Asset in Having Designs on Solo or among contemporary artists in Cape Town, In Colour. Design can make the functional sexy too, as seen in The Sleek Set. The Close-Up interview with architect David Rockwell proves that design is as important on a stage, as well as the world stage. And the bonus is searching out Singapore's art pieces by famous artists could be right under your nose in the most unexpected places, like in a public housing estate .

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