ZBBZ 《早报报志》 - December 2017

Publisher: SPH Magazines Pte Ltd
Category: Lifestyle, News
Language: English, Chinese - Simplified
Frequency : Monthly

ZBBZ is the latest addition to the Zaobao family of publications. ZBBZ stands for Zaobao Bao Zhi 《早报报志》, where “Bao Zhi" is a portmanteau of the Chinese words for "newspaper" and "magazine". The publication combines the intelligence of newspaper journalism with the sophistication of magazine design. Launched in 2009, ZBBZ is a high-end bilingual (English & Chinese) luxury magazine for the affluent and high-achieving reader who appreciates intelligent journalism and the finer things in life. To advertisers, ZBBZ is an excellent publication for anyone aiming at a readership of high net worth individuals. Readers can choose to read a story in Chinese or English or both. The “news-gazine" endeavours to offer readers an engaging reading experience in whichever language he or she chooses, but one does not replicate the other in content. ZBBZ aims to inspire readers to embrace new horizons, to make things happen, and to celebrate new ways of looking at life, through the eyes of those walking a few steps ahead. ZBBZ is spearheaded by Managing Editor Dr Ng King Kang, who is also a senior correspondent with Lianhe Zaobao.

Every Ending Is A New Beginning The curtain falling on a well-known brand, building or business does not always signal the end, but could also herald a fresh start Gift Of Love The pain of losing her beloved father and grandmother drove Yeo Wan Ling to set up Caregiver Asia, an online platform that matches caregivers with those in need of home care services The Next Lap Ferrari, which marked its 70th anniversary with a slew of events, is all geared up to hit new highs on the road ahead To The Ends Of The World Three seasoned intrepid travellers to share their experiences of venturing to some of the most remote places on Earth 花开花落 从餐馆、历史建筑、时尚、画作、科技产品,甚至是属于这个年代的数码内容,都躲不过凋零的开始。在道别的最后时刻,来看看各个领域让人唏嘘的种种凋落,以及让人期待的新的开始。 爱的启示 亚洲博爱集团创办人兼总裁杨涴淩几年内痛失挚爱的父亲和外婆,但他们留下的爱,却给了杨涴淩创办能造福人间的事业的启示。 迎向另一个巅峰 意大利知名跑车法拉利今年欢庆品牌创立70周年,一系列的庆祝活动,标志着法拉利另一个高峰的开始。 往世界的尽头飞 地球是圆的,严格来说没有尽头,但为何我们总喜欢往世界的尽头飞?天涯海角到底在哪里?几个几乎游遍全世界的旅游达人,分享她们心目中的世界尽头。

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