NANYOU Singapore - Spring - Summer 2016

Publisher: SPH Magazines Pte Ltd
Category: Lifestyle, Men's Interest
Language: Chinese - Simplified
Frequency : Yearly

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NANYOU is Singapore’s first Chinese Fashion & Lifestyle magazine for stylish men. NANYOU not only brings to its readers the latest fashion insights but also acts as the definitive guide for those looking for a style transformation. Grooming, a heavily focused topic in NANYOU, provides detailed yet easy to follow tips to help male readers get a better head start in taking notice of their appearance. The coverage of latest trends also include other core lifestyle interest subjects such as technology, wine & dine, and travel, not forgetting interviews with celebrities and successful men, helping NANYOU reader to establish a current identity in many aspects. 《男友》是新加坡首创男性中文时尚生活杂志。《男友》不仅提供最潮的时尚资讯,也是一本型男不可或缺的形象打造攻略。《男友》也提供读者简明易懂的修饰贴士,让日渐注重外表的都市男士更得心应手。潮流报道当然也离不开生活,科技、餐饮、旅游都是重点,还不时加入名人专访,让《男友》读者赏心阅读后,建立更自信的人生。

《男友》2016年春夏号吹起东方风!“称霸”欧洲T台的东方男模、欧洲名牌时装上的东方图腾;也邀请到本地六位年轻摄影师透过镜头诠释东方时尚风。今季必知10大流行讯息,继续由男星们时尚演绎——今期有张振寰、陈泓宇、王冠逸、Benjamin Kheng金文明及Nat Ho鹤天赐。此外,我们也邀请到本地五位幕前幕后主导者来畅谈menswear。不让女人专美,男人上美甲院既是时尚也是礼貌。今季有哪些新男香上市?一一为你报导。特稿方面,我们不仅专访了纵横乐坛32年的李伟菘及偲菘两兄弟,也带你走一趟按自己步伐前进的尼泊尔。穿法国品牌Cartier腕表的戴祖雄以时尚或粗犷两种形象登上今期的两个封面,这位拥有子弹肌身材的型男对爱情有超独特看法!

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