EDUWORLD- All Issues

On account of the 47th NATIONAL Day of Singapore, Mateo Systems launched the first issue of EDUWORLD- your career guide -a one click solution for your entire career and education related queries.  Why subscribe?  1. Every month we provide you with a wholesome brain diet, including several unique and interactive articles about career path guidance.  2. The Edutour column takes you through some of the most reputed universities and their courses and facilities.  3. In meet the experts!! We provide the best answers to some of the frequently asked questions. Health, ideas and ideals, morals, green world, great tips for entrepreneurship, study abroad and much more.  4. EDUWORLD; an all in one tool magazine that we hope would go beyond being just an interesting read, and be the ultimate career guide and entertainer to students and professionals alike.  5. Now available on iPhone apps and Androids Hurry register now!