SALT - A Pinch Of Good Taste - A Harmony Of Flavours

Publisher: CL Media Pte. Ltd.
Category: Lifestyle, Cooking
Language: English
Frequency : Quarterly

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SALT is dedicated to bringing out the best in food journalism, with culinary prose, evocative photo-essays, and inspiring reads from people who work behind the scenes. Our online portal carries the latest on food and drinks in the region, with an injection of a fresh new spirit to food content and an offbeat attitude.

There is never just one taste in Thai food, there are always many tastes together. It is always a combination of flavours that becomes uniquely Thai. The heat is always intrinsically balanced and linked to other dimensions of flavour to strike the most accessible balance. In this issue, we celebrate this harmony of flavours in a joyful spread of pictures, stories and colours. With its spicy and aromatic counterpoints of flavour, and the lively textural contrasts it affords, the food of Thailand is certainly one of the world's most entertaining and engaging cuisines. Influenced by India in the use of herbs and spices, and borrowing cooking techniques from the Chinese, the Thais over the centuries have added innovations that resulted in an original and diverting collection of dishes. This April, Salt takes a culinary adventure to Chiang Mai. Join us for an intimate journey into the distinctive aromas and flavours of Northern Thai cuisine - lemon grass, coriander, coconut cream and fresh green chilis, fragrant galangal and pungent nam pla, the fermented fish sauce ubiquitous in Thai kitchens. We take a closer look at the fresh, exciting flavours and the elegantly balanced complexities of the food.

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