Villas&Golfe Europe - Issue 102

Publisher: PM Media Corporate
Category: Lifestyle
Language: English, Portuguese
Frequency : Bi-Monthly

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Discover the world, near and far, and fill blank pages with happy memories! This is the invitation we make to you, in this 102nd issue of Villas&Golfe;: travelling, taking your time to look at Portugal. Travelling involves discovering a multitude of realities, of people, of habits, of cultures, of ways of seeing the world; it means experiencing the cold to enjoy the heat, it means experiencing scorching summers to desire the cold; is means feeling the distance so that you miss the pleasure of home; is means allowing the unexpected and surprises to exceed expectations. No matter where you go, what counts is going beyond the horizons of everyday life. No matter how short the journey, there will always be idiosyncrasies, different traditions, distinct pronunciations, differing stories and history, and stunning landscapes! Pack your bags and come with us to Castelo Branco, Santo Tirso, Bragança, Boticas and Freixo de Espada à Cinta, because we have to get to know ourselves first to be able to start discovering others. After looking within, broaden your horizons. Mauritius, made of sunshine, and Zermatt, of snowy landscapes, await your eager eyes. Because life is measured by the moments that can take your breath away!

Since 2001 Villas & Golfe stands out as one of most prestigious international lifestyle magazines. Bimonthly and bilingual (english / portuguese), Villas & Golfe combines the best from areas as varied as art, culture, business, travel, gourmet, fashion or premium sports. Villas & Golfe has also interviewed major names within these areas, while featuring a handpicked selection of innovations from the most sophisticated of luxury brands.

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