Villas&Golfe Europe - Issue 101

Publisher: PM Media Corporate
Category: Lifestyle
Language: English, Portuguese
Frequency : Bi-Monthly

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The sun has gone down on the horizon, flooding the landscapes with sepia hues. To the whims of the breezes, at times warm, at times cool, russet, brown and yellow leaves spin around, and the waters in the rivers flow down restlessly. It is time for harvesting, for picking the fruit of dedication and love! Because we always reap what we sow! On the estates, on the farms, after having harvested ripened dreams, you can already smell the must, heralding superb wines, which will accompany shared moments and celebrations. That’s how it is at Quinta do Monte Xisto, in Vila Nova de Foz Côa; at Herdade da Rocha, in Crato; and on Quinta do Cabeço, in Tabuaço. In this issue number 101, we celebrate this harvest season, the end of a cycle. We celebrate the passion for wine, in the voice of João Nicolau de Almeida, Mário Rocha and José Miguel Almeida. But we also celebrate life in other destinations and in other projects, aware that we always share dreams with you that are harvested after much work and dedication. And while the vines are left dreaming of new adventures, we are dreaming too, planting now to reap later, because autumn is also the time of planting. Like a tree, we change our leaves, but never our roots! So, look through our pages, from station to station, while the train slides along the rails of life!

Since 2001 Villas & Golfe stands out as one of most prestigious international lifestyle magazines. Bimonthly and bilingual (english / portuguese), Villas & Golfe combines the best from areas as varied as art, culture, business, travel, gourmet, fashion or premium sports. Villas & Golfe has also interviewed major names within these areas, while featuring a handpicked selection of innovations from the most sophisticated of luxury brands.

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