Villas&Golfe Europe - Issue 100

Publisher: PM Media Corporate
Category: Lifestyle
Language: English, Portuguese
Frequency : Bi-Monthly

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100 issues Like nothing else before it, this initiative will remain for posterity. Never before, in Portugal, has a media outlet, gathered together, in interview form, such a great and such a prestigious number of personalities in a single issue and in such a short time. For its 100th issue, Villas&Golfe; magazine decided to bring together 100 different personalities, who have had a positive effect on Portugal. Our editorial board met up and, choosing from various fields, selected the group of celebrities appearing in these pages. We are very proud of them all! Of course there are many other personalities worthy of being highlighted, but, at this particular time, we felt it was good to highlight these people, who, in their areas of activity, are an example for us all. These initiatives have a positive effect and increase the willingness of people to strive to do more for the country. In its 17 years, Villas&Golfe; magazine has worked to enhance quality and to take the good name of Portugal further. This issue reveals just a small part of the vast and valuable world of Villas&Golfe;. I would also like to thank all the 100 interviewees and friends present in this issue. My thanks also go out to the entire team of Villas&Golfe; magazine, who worked on the issue and produced this fantastic work. I hope that the vibrancy of Villas&Golfe;, clearly revealed here, will last for many more years. A big thank you to everyone. Here’s a toast to you all! And a hug of friendship!

Since 2001 Villas & Golfe stands out as one of most prestigious international lifestyle magazines. Bimonthly and bilingual (english / portuguese), Villas & Golfe combines the best from areas as varied as art, culture, business, travel, gourmet, fashion or premium sports. Villas & Golfe has also interviewed major names within these areas, while featuring a handpicked selection of innovations from the most sophisticated of luxury brands.

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