Villas&Golfe Europe - Issue 97

Publisher: PM Media Corporate
Category: Lifestyle
Language: English, Portuguese
Frequency : Bi-Monthly

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Welcome once again to the Villas&Golfe; world. A world of elegance, of luxury and glamour, but one that doesn’t mean ostentation, nor excessive glitter, contrived geometries and frivolous minds. Luxury means having time for ourselves and for others, for family, for friends, and filling that time with what gives us the most pleasure. Villas&Golfe; only makes suggestions as to what to you could do with these precious moments. For some, luxury may be having the profession you’ve always dreamed of; it could be travelling, a trip to a spa or to a special restaurant; for others it may be a ride in a car, in a boat, or it might be a round of golf, a visit to a museum, reading a book, or a simple walk by the sea. For others still, it could be all of this. In this issue, you'll find ideas that will certainly make you happy, from a hotel in Paris, the Silk Museum, in Freixo de Espada à Cinta, or a Caribbean resort, to a wine tasting at Quinta Vale D. Maria, a trip to Tanzania, or even a The Gift concert. We also have words based on exceptional life experiences, such as those of Rui Pinto, Joana Oliveira and Pablo Guayasamín, which will certainly be inspiring. But all of these suggestions won’t make much sense if you haven’t got your health. This, actually, is the greatest of all luxuries. As for elegance, is there anything more elegant than a smile?!

Since 2001 Villas & Golfe stands out as one of most prestigious international lifestyle magazines. Bimonthly and bilingual (english / portuguese), Villas & Golfe combines the best from areas as varied as art, culture, business, travel, gourmet, fashion or premium sports. Villas & Golfe has also interviewed major names within these areas, while featuring a handpicked selection of innovations from the most sophisticated of luxury brands.

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