Villas&Golfe África - Issue 53

Publisher: PM Media Corporate
Category: Lifestyle
Language: English, Portuguese
Frequency : Bi-Monthly

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As we capture the time of Moira Forjaz, the photographer; of Albino Mbie, the musician; of Roselyn Silva, the designer; of Mário Macilau and Mauro Pinto, photographers, among other names, the world spun at a rapid speed, and we collected more testimonies to share in issue no. 53 of Villas&Golfe; África. Life is what you make of it. This is so true that, of all the people we listened to, of all the life stories, any one of them could have turned out so differently if at the right time the right choice had not been made. Some chose the pleasure of a camera flash going off, others preferred to enchant the world with the sound of their music and others still chose to design and take African pieces to the world of fashion. They are all great travellers. Each in their own field. Each one in their own time, but always capturing the best moments. Are they competitive? Perhaps they are. Are they capable? They have already proved that they are. Are they strong? Of this there is no doubt. Each of them has proved to be successful in their professional lives. And, of course, they still have many more challenges ahead of them. Each of them is seeking to improve the world, and so do we, to ensure time is not just recorded in memory. It is also with harmony and balance, as beacons that serve as a reference to anyone that is part of these pages, that we invite you on a Villas&Golfe; trip to Mauritius. Happy reading!

Since 2009 Villas & Golfe stands out as one of the most prestigious lifestyle magazines on the African continent with a particular focus on Angola. Bimonthly and bilingual (English/Portuguese), Villas & Golfe features the best from worlds as varied as art, culture, business, travel, gourmet, fashion and premium sports. Villas & Golfe also interviews Angola’s leading personalities in these fields, while also presenting a discerning selection of news from the most sophisticated luxury brands.

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