Kata Kata Cartoon Magazine - Vol. 05 Issue 18 2018

Publisher: Kata Kata Cartoon Magazine
Category: Comics, Lifestyle
Language: English
Frequency : Quarterly

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-Cartoon: Useni Goes To The Doctor - Health: Tobacco smoking Lethal - Fashion: Men's Clothes (Sweater) - Beauty: Cucumber: A Healthful Candy - Interior: La Home Decors & Designs - Technology: Mobile Phone Danger - Literary Corner: Movies, Books, Poems - Kids: Pro Wrestling vs Children - Destinations: World Cup Frenzy - Foods: How to Prepare Mulokoni Delicacy - Letters: Dear Aunt Silvia

Kata Kata is an authentic African cartoon magazine with both online and printed versions. In a humourous way, Kata Kata tries to discuss and sensitize typical African / global socio - political issues. At the same time, it equally offers a maxim that life is perhaps not all about seriousness. One needs some laughs and relaxation to face serious challenges in life. We collaborate with a lot of credible International organisations, including the International Criminal Court (ICC), United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and many other NGOs in different capacities. Welcome on board Kata Kata. Relax yourself with our humorous cartoons and get ready for a long laugh.

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