Nuyou Malaysia - May 2018

Publisher: Blu Inc Media Sdn Bhd
Category: Lifestyle, Women's Interest
Language: Chinese - Simplified
Frequency : Monthly

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时尚、美容界都有新崛起的趋势,你准备好了吗? 国际4大时装周不够看,潮人现在热衷讨论的是第比利斯、哥本哈根、上海;《女友》为你推荐当中最受瞩目的新新设计师! 智能设计让护肤变得更轻松简易,一点就能搞定老化、干燥和暗沉,你没有变丑的理由! 10艺人接受《女友》造型挑战,踏出自己的舒适圈:陈慧恬的“首裸”、Bell 宇田的极致女人味、云镁鑫的清新田园风……让你见识Fun & Fearless的时尚态度! 趁着母亲节,明星背后的女人大曝光。 Jojo吴俐璇、Joey梁祖仪、朱浩仁、Kahoe韩家濠和星妈的互动让我们很感动! 封面人物Yoona林允儿坚决不做花瓶,原来全靠这一招! 5月份《女友》还有更多精彩内容,立刻订阅即可享有优惠!

NUYOU, Malaysia’s leading Chinese-language fashion and beauty magazine, has been captivating readers with its energy, verve and sophistication since 1993. NUYOU has the scoop on the latest fashion and beauty trends, secrets from the pros and exclusive celebrity tips.

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