Nuyou Malaysia - August 2013

Publisher: Blu Inc Media Sdn Bhd
Category: Lifestyle, Women's Interest
Language: Chinese - Simplified
Frequency : Monthly

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COVER 她是第一个登上国际时尚周的马来西亚名模,第一张登上PIRELLI月历的亚洲脸孔、第一位代言国际彩妆品的华人……创下了时尚界许多的第一和历史的LING TAN告诉《女友》传奇是如何炼成的。 MIX & MATCH告别沉闷的衬衫长裤,将T台时尚穿到办公室! WATCH OUT! 制表师在经济遇冷的时刻依然保持积极创新的热诚,在方寸之间展现天马行空的创意和巧夺天工的做功,让人更爱不释手。 BEAUTY POLICE明明没有寒意,手臂和背部的肌肤却一直保持鸡皮疙瘩的“备战”状态,这是怎么一回事? WORK SMART!《女友》在脸书上搜集四面八方的提问,针对你的需求向各路职场女王讨教成功秘诀。 RELATIONSHIP 结婚会影响你的钱途,所以婚前婚后女人都该有自己一套理财法! SEX关灯后的表演,是行为艺术,也是魔术。漆黑一片的床第,要如何发挥创意?

NUYOU, Malaysia’s leading Chinese-language fashion and beauty magazine, has been captivating readers with its energy, verve and sophistication since 1993. NUYOU has the scoop on the latest fashion and beauty trends, secrets from the pros and exclusive celebrity tips.

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