Nuyou Malaysia - October 2016

Publisher: Blu Inc Media Sdn Bhd
Category: Lifestyle, Women's Interest
Language: Chinese - Simplified
Frequency : Monthly
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在这个人人戴面具的时代,你可会接受赤裸裸的真实感吗?封面人物张韶涵拒绝假面人生,用娇小倔强面对身边的残酷事实。 《女友》年度大作Walk Of Style 为你推荐10位狂热但不狂妄的90后,看他们如何撕下草莓族的标签,撞破头来实现梦想。 10月流行看点:10最潮发型、17个秋冬时尚趋势、18个不懂你就out的热搜名字,加码编辑部总动员保留颜值的秘密,脑力、视觉齐冲击。

NUYOU, Malaysia’s leading Chinese-language fashion and beauty magazine, has been captivating readers with its energy, verve and sophistication since 1993. NUYOU has the scoop on the latest fashion and beauty trends, secrets from the pros and exclusive celebrity tips.

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