ICON Malaysia - September 2017

Publisher: Blu Inc Media Sdn Bhd
Category: Lifestyle
Language: Chinese - Simplified
Frequency : Monthly
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Launched in 2007, ICON is Malaysia’s FIRST Chinese-language luxury magazine for today’s affluent women. This award-winning publication features an eclectic mix of high fashion, beauty trends, essential reads, and profiles of the rich and famous. The epitome of sophistication, ICON sets itself apart with complete, yet unique coverage of luxurious lifestyles with an Asian perspective.

这个弥漫着浓郁时尚气息的九月,《ICON》邀请了被外界称为“杂志女王”的超模陈虹锦,分享她跌宕起伏的历程所淬炼出对于生活及时尚的另一番精辟见解。 在世人眼中,富二代与星二代历来就是财富、美貌和才华的代名词。本期特别请来城中备受瞩目的富二代拍摄一系列时尚大片,并聆听他们谦逊的处事哲学、努力逐梦的决心及独特的时尚涵养。另外细数在星光簇拥中成长的亚洲及西方星二代,且看他们如何靠着高人气及超群才华,闯出属于自己的一方天地。 一件件秋冬系列手袋幻化成时尚浮影,在深沉黑暗中,四下烟色迷离,无声的闪电迅速掠过苍穹,恍若坠入卡夫卡式的荒诞梦境。霎时千万缕晨曦冲破云霭,将款款巧夺天工宛如艺术品的精致手袋照耀得闪亮,在掠影中锻造出时尚的万千风姿。

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