ICON Malaysia - November 2017

Publisher: Blu Inc Media Sdn Bhd
Category: Lifestyle
Language: Chinese - Simplified
Frequency : Monthly
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Launched in 2007, ICON is Malaysia’s FIRST Chinese-language luxury magazine for today’s affluent women. This award-winning publication features an eclectic mix of high fashion, beauty trends, essential reads, and profiles of the rich and famous. The epitome of sophistication, ICON sets itself apart with complete, yet unique coverage of luxurious lifestyles with an Asian perspective.

在这个11月份,《ICON》走进了天生歌姬A-Lin的光之海世界。A-Lin那充满磁性微哑的嗓音陪伴着无数人度过失意的日子,首首歌曲唱入人心,如果回忆有名字,那么那段记忆应该叫A-Lin。 每到年尾,大家纷纷计划着一趟幸福之旅,乘着火车去旅行,不失为一种浪漫至极的探险方式。本期专题聚焦世界铁道上的奢华梦幻列车,让你穿梭一幕幕广袤的自然美景及星罗棋布的乡村房屋,在悠闲惬意的时光里遁入辉煌的黄金时代。 许多著名珠宝品牌将设计回归自然,璀璨的珠宝本来就是大自然的馈赠,设计师也不断从大自然中汲取灵感,用元宝还原万物生灵的千姿百态,活灵活现,充满无尽生机,从此致敬伟大的地球母亲。

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