Macau Business - May 2018

Publisher: De Ficção - Multimedia Projects
Category: Business
Language: English
Frequency : Monthly

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[Investigation] TAINTED TOWERS - A property tainted by a corruption scandal involving former secretary for public works Ao Man Long is in the news again. A skeleton for years, the building has been green-lighted for two 13-storey towers. Raising eyebrows in the process | JUNKETS UNDER SCRUTINY - New regulations, new mechanisms - all in the name of greater business transparency. A move likely to take out myriad smaller players | HEALTH - Study claims drug users in Macau are double publicly released figures | Special Report - Media in Macau | Special - G2E Asia

Macau Business, a 132-page monthly publication, is Macau’s number one English-language newsmagazine. Benefiting from the acumen of and collaboration between journalists, analysts, economists, scholars and policymakers, we work to provide our readers with the best stories and exclusive insights. Macau Business was launched in May 2004 and was the first independent English-language news medium to become firmly established in Macau.

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