Macau Business - March 2018

Publisher: De Ficção - Multimedia Projects
Category: Business
Language: English
Frequency : Monthly

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MONEY MACHINE - It’s a multimillion dollar business. A veritable cascade of studies and research projects is being awarded to third parties in the name of government policymaking. MOP500 million is pencilled in for the fiscal budget. But results remain opaque | POLITICS OF POLLUTION - Air pollution is increasingly affecting residents. So why is Macau all green smileys while Hong Kong and Guangdong raise the orange flag? Critics wonder if the Meteorological Bureau is trapped in a parallel universe | START-UP CITY - The city’s entrepreneurialism at its best. In this edition, a local team reveals its launch preparations for a horror-themed video game set in Macau. While a robotics firm is marching service robots into several local industries | [EXPOSE] Indonesian generals hold secret anti-terrorism meetings in Macau | [SPECIAL REPORT] Extension vs Expiration|

Macau Business, a 132-page monthly publication, is Macau’s number one English-language newsmagazine. Benefiting from the acumen of and collaboration between journalists, analysts, economists, scholars and policymakers, we work to provide our readers with the best stories and exclusive insights. Macau Business was launched in May 2004 and was the first independent English-language news medium to become firmly established in Macau.

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