Macau Business - May 2019

Publisher: De Ficção - Multimedia Projects
Category: Business
Language: English
Frequency : Monthly

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Macau Business, a 132-page monthly publication, is Macau’s number one English-language newsmagazine. Benefiting from the acumen of and collaboration between journalists, analysts, economists, scholars and policymakers, we work to provide our readers with the best stories and exclusive insights. Macau Business was launched in May 2004 and was the first independent English-language news medium to become firmly established in Macau.

THE HENGQIN CARD - It's been in the works for a decade. But the Greater Bay Area has lent it impetus at last. The plan to milk Henqqin's development for the greater good of Macau's tourism ambitions is gaining traction | SORTING OUT THE CIVIL SERVICE - Long overdue and much debated. Plus recent motions in the legislative assembly. New accountability initiative might just mean the buck stops with government bureau heads | MSAR Gov't, Co. - Directly involved in 13 Macau-incorporated firms. As at end-2017, few aware of the extent of the government's portfolio. Thus, the opacity of its operations and financing must be addressed, say many | CHARGE OF THE LIGHT BRIGADE - Macau and Hong Kong entrepreneurs add zip to electric vehicles software | [Special Report] Macau Business 2004-2019: 15 years that changed Macau | [Special] G2E Asia

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