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In this issue

In this issue of Global Asia, we look in depth at the emerging security risks around the region that could lead, even inadvertently, to conflict or even war. Our cover package, Dangerous Games, explores the rise of geopolitics in East Asia, examining the dynamics at work in each of the major countries. Given the exceptional importance of
geopolitics in the region, our In Focus section looks in detail at the role of the US alliance system and the ways in which it is being challenged. In our Book Review section, we highlight a work that describes China’s growing presence in Africa and its geopolitical ambitions there, and a volume of essays that ask whether the US-China rivalry mirrors the conditions that led to the outbreak of the First World War. In our Features section, we
chronicle the state of political reform in Myanmar and the geopolitical calculations of its military dominated
government. Finally, we also publish the “Jakarta Declaration on Nuclear Arms,” recently released by the Asia-Pacific Leadership Network for Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Disarmament, with a introduction by Gareth Evans. It lays out steps aimed at securing the region, and the world, from the horrors that have been visited
so far only on one Asian nation.

Global Asia Magazine Description:

PublisherEast Asia Foundation




Global Asia is a quarterly publication of the East Asia Foundation. The foundation, established in Seoul in January 2005, strives to promote peace, prosperity, security and sustainability in East Asia by creating an open and creative forum for the exchange of ideas on regional co-operation and integration, among other goals.
The mission we have set for ourselves with Global Asia is both bold and urgent: It is to provide a compelling, serious, and responsible forum for distinguished thinkers, policymakers, political leaders and business people to debate the most important issues in Asia today.
Global Asia is not a journal with a fixed point of view, or a particular agenda. Our aim is to give voice to the global dimension of what is happening in Asia. In our pages and on our web site, we aim for Asia to speak to the world, and the world to Asia. That is important at a time when this region is playing an ever greater role in world affairs.
There are other fine publications on international affairs. What sets us apart is our focus: Asia. We believe that the world is moving into “the Age of Asia,” to borrow a phrase from one of the articles in the inaugural issue of Global Asia in September 2006. This transformation is not going to occur overnight, but it has already begun.
The region’s dynamic economic growth, stable and accountable political systems, maturing democracies, and evolving sense of community are giving Asia greater weight in the world. These developments will have enormous implications for governments, businesses, societies and individuals across the globe. How that transformation is viewed, and shaped, from within Asia and how it is perceived outside Asia is an essential part of the story we have to tell.
The forces of globalization are having a profound impact throughout the world. And they are being influenced and channeled in different ways in different parts of the world. Ours is the story of Asia’s experience with globalization, and the ideas and debates influencing it. In pursuing our mission, we aim to play a part, however modest, in helping to shape the future of Asia.

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