COUTURE Africa - September 2017

Publisher: Touch Media House Limited
Category: Fashion, Lifestyle
Language: English
Frequency : 11 Issues/Year
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As East Africa’s Pioneer Fashion Magazine, COUTURE Africa seeks to not only celebrate African Fashion, but bring global fashion and beauty trends into the African market in a relatable and easily translatable way to our readers. It is because of this that COUTURE Africa has over the years become a voice for the modern woman in Africa. The woman who understands quality, appreciates value and is constantly seeking to look and feel her best on a daily basis. COUTURE Africa magazine is indeed the go-to read for today’s woman.

What is your definition of power? I ask women this in interviews so many times as I was writing this sentence I finally realised I have never asked the men to define power. And now suddenly I want to know nothing more than what men think power is. Is it the bipolar mother on medication, struggling with ADHD while raising an autistic son? Is it a life lived on the edge so precariously and peppered with mistakes that you know you have to fix and somehow make right. Power is knowing your team and your beat and your body with such intimate understanding you are fearless on stage. It could be that moment when you finally tell your crush, the love of your life or significant other what turns you on, and your relationship hangs in the balance in those few seconds that s/he processes the phrase BDSM in his mind. Power is that moment you step into your house at the end of a long day and into this magnificent sanctuary you created, inside this space you call home that looks exactly like you wanted it to when you were 6, 16 or 26. Or not. Power is fuelling your body, making it strong, efficient, alive, awake, knowing you have limits and still, still you are ambitious enough to push past them. Power is being a superhero to your loved ones, when you make a child laugh and get rewarded by the purest sweetest sound. It is the moment you look at your shoe collection and the fabulous clothes hanging in your closets and realise all the things you want to say are spoken with the textures and colours of your wardrobe. When you make a choice saving the environment and money.

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